I offer consulting and training services to groups that are seeking to better understand attachment, trauma and substance abuse. She speaks passionately about the interplay between trauma and poverty, viewing poverty as a central force of violence and disruption in our world today. I am able to seamlessly link macro and micro issues, based on an in-depth understanding of both the current socio-political landscape and extensive clinical theory.

Through my consulting work, I have helped organizations and the individuals who work within them to more effectively frame their understanding of poverty, race and oppression, and to move through resistance to change. My approach builds a foundation of complete and compassionate transparency, which helps to break the cycle of trauma and heal the systems that rupture trust.

“If there is a struggle going on with a client, then there is always a parallel struggle going on with the agency, and with the community it serves,” says Bodenheimer. “And it is important to resist the fantasy of falling into an immediate solution, without first making room for the grief and loss that everyone within that system is experiencing.”

Her clients include hospitals, schools, and social service agencies that work with impoverished populations, and her work includes supervising individuals who work in non-profit environments.